Many advantages, one single solution

Windows last forever

Windows are always protected from the exposure to direct sunlight even with the louvers in flap positions.

Comfort and saving guaranteed

The adjustable louvers allow you to choose the proper ventilation for your home thus reducing air conditioning costs.

Safe and protected home

The strength of the aluminum extruded pro-files offers a good protection against bur-glary attempts.

Easy cleaning, zero maintenance

The profiles painting makes the surface resi-stant to scratches and easy to clean from the inside of your home.

More light on your privacy

Rollflap allows you to adjust the indoor li-ghting using natural daylight without sacri-ficing privacy.

Roll Flap is an innovative rolling shutter which is as handy as a roller blind and as functional as a shutter. It is provided with aluminum-extruded, scratch-resistant adjustable louvers, adjustable in three positions: open, closed and flap.

The contemporary design of the product is characterized by clean and essential lines that, combined with a wide choice of finishes, improves the appearance of any kind of building, enhancing the design of the indoor environment too.

Roll Flap has been thought for those customers who pay attention to the aesthetics and comfort: the adjustable louvers allow you to adjust air and light in every living area, creating comfortable home environments.